COOKING TIME (30 MINUTES)                                                                                                                                             [COVER: 16-18]

This versatile vegetable, the ‘eye opener’, is a fresh produce of choice in the world of food preparation. It works well in various cooking processes such as boiling, steaming, and roasting, but also for eating raw on its own or in vegetable salads. It is one of the favourite vegetable of choice for many local residence in Paisley and the Greater Glasgow region, if not Scotland. It serves as a familiar vegetable to people who do not eat much vegetables and is useful for health promotion as a accompaniment to another vegetable on health promotion that is not popular such as asparagus. It is packed with vitamin A (beta-carotene) which is good for eye sight. Since this vitamin is insoluble in water, carrot is great for boiling but when cooked with other vegetables that contain water soluble vitamins (B’s, C, etc) , steaming, is recommended. In this case a steamer is invaluable, especially that many modern brands have various steaming chambers to cook different vegetables all at the same time. As with all vegetables, washing them before cooking is important to ensure health and safety and to lower the risk of food poisoning.


1 kg sliced carrot

0.010 kg or 10 g butter or margarine (optional)

Pinch of salt (optional)


  1. In a steamer, place sufficient boiling water in the water chamber and turn the marker to 30 minutes.
  2. In one of the holding compartments (tray), place the sliced carrot pieces and them on to the steamer base. If cooking with other vegetables that require less time them place the carrot tray at the bottom.
  3. Allow vegetable to cook for the required time and remove from the steamer. Decant into a serving dish and add butter or salt to add flavour (optional).